Alethea Schaus


Born in South America and raised in Alaska, Washington D.C. and northwest Montana, Alethea grew up exposed to the arts, science, music, design, travel, ranching and an outdoor mountain lifestyle. Guided by her father, a scientist and teacher, and mother, an artist, through diverse environments, she developed a wide range of interests and healthy curiosity that have beckoned her on many journeys. Her first jobs were as a children’s art teacher and an assistant to artists Kurt Markus and Jeanne Hamilton. In college she studied anthropology, art, psychology, Spanish, ecology and writing and in1998 earned a B.A. in English from the University of Montana in Missoula.

Alethea has worked as a teacher, artist, waitress, gardener, writer, nanny, baker and barista, maid, wildland firefighter, public relations contact for an environmental firm, administrative & marketing assistant, boutique manager and merchandiser, art gallery attendant, home construction and metal forging assistant, newspaper reporter and elementary school-based mental health worker - from northwest and southwest Montana to southern Utah, Arizona, upstate New York and northern California. She has volunteered her time with a community garden project, with two teen mentoring programs and an outdoor science learning program for children.

Caretaking as a full-time endeavor is relatively recent, though Alethea has always naturally gravitated toward caring for her surroundings no matter where she finds herself. Tending well to her environment is a way of being present and honoring simplicity in a culture that seems over-run with complexity and clutter. She tends to naturally keep things organized and flowing, create harmonious space and enjoys making use of what exists in creative ways. Alethea also enjoys tending to gardens – perennial or vegetable.

Alethea is a mom to Ella, almost two, and Isaac, born at the turn of this year. In addition to freelance writing, she works with her mate Eric, as a property caretaker. She enjoys writing personal and business profiles related to the arts and design, education, empowerment, family and ecology. She attempts to work on a few short stories and a children’s book in the middle of the night and loves taking pictures and designing alive space. She enjoys sharing time with her family and friends, hiking, biking, sailing, running, skiing, listening to live music, cooking and enjoying good food, spirits and learning. She is happy contributing energy to anything that nurtures an aware, creative and simplified culture.