Eric Kincheloe

Raised in northwest Montana, Eric grew up nurtured by an outdoor mountain lifestyle and a small town community. Encouraged to explore and adventure by his mother, a teacher and father, a craftsman and entrepreneur, he developed an early love for creating his own path, and is still on that path today.

Eric’s work experience has taken him from the tops of mountains in California to the swamps of Georgia to include: Tree sawyer, fuels specialist, helicopter crewman, safety/security specialist, machine-gunner, weapons instructor, bouncer, lawn/tree man, farm hand, carpenter/plumber, painter, mason, business/production/personnel manager and sales/marketing/public relations manager. And once as a child he sold doughnuts.
In between jobs Eric threw on his backpack and rallied friends for multiple epic trips abroad - to places like 
Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia
– the random places and people he met were the fuel for each new trip. These rich and wonderful experiences have allowed Eric to see the world in an enlightened and peaceful way. He has recently completed his Associates of Arts degree, and plans to continue his formal education until they (the university system) kicks him out.
Caretaking as a full-time endeavor is relatively recent, and for Eric means returning to the fundamentals of living – fixing things, building things, a degree of self-sustainability and satisfaction from working with his hands. He enjoys the balance the role creates with family as opposed to that of a hurried corporate schedule. 
Eric is a dad to Ella, almost two, and Isaac, born at the turn of this year. In addition to completing his business degree, he works as a caretaker and craftsman in northwest
Montana. He enjoys sharing time with his family, sailing, biking and hiking, fly fishing, skiing, listening to live music, enjoying a red wine or a brewhouse ale, running marathons and team sports. He is also fired up about alternative energy.